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Unwanted email & viruses stopped - completely! Easily handles high volumes of SPAM
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Use for any or all employees and co-exist with other anti-SPAM solutions Reduces effort for network managers and protects assets

Everyone who uses the Internet and email gets SPAM. And there are plenty of products around now to help you control it. However, if you are dealing with large amounts of email on your network or you or your users are struggling with more than 5 unwanted emails a day (and 5 probably feels like 50 because it's so unrelenting!), then you will want to know more about TotalBlock. Are you willing to try something new? TotalBlock uses a very different approach to solving the problem and handling spam goes from hours to minutes - immediately!

TotalBlock is a product that stops unwanted email, assists network managers and handles high volumes easily. What's high SPAM volume? Ask our users; some will say 5, others will say 10 and some will say 20 unwanted emails per person per day. The definition of high volume kicks-in when you or your users are solving the problem again and again; tweaking filters, scanning folders, or dreading a return to your email system after an absence of a day or so.Australian Government Endorsed Supplier

TotalBlock saves its users thousands of dollars a year because it saves time; time they now spend on running their business, doing their job or being with their family. It doesn't matter whether you are a corporation, a small business or an individual, TotalBlock will save you time and money!

TotalBlock has many satisfied users who use their valuable time for something better!

26 Jan 2011 TotalBlock version 3.3.1 now available.

  • Users can display Blocked-Sender Advised messages in a Google Gadget window from which they can be freed and-or authorised.
  • Users can allow Blocked-Sender Advised messages to be automatically released to their email inbox through a new user option.
  • Browsers now include IE 8, Google Chrome V8, Opera 11 and Firefox 3.6.13 .


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